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The Bob Shannon Sportsman Award is given in recognition of these special ideals:
The enthusiastic support of your teamates, the understanding that win or lose, it's what's in the heart that counts, and honoring the qualities of character, leadership and virtue.  
These are the ideals preached by Bob Shannon and thus the award is named after him.
Bob Shannon was the head coach of the Roxbury Racers Swim Team from 1986 to his untimely death in the beginning of the 1992 season (he died June 28, 1992 of a heart attack).  During his time as coach, he not only exhorted swimmers to be their best (he is remembered for telling swimmers, "If you wanna swim fast, you gotta swim fast!") but he also endeavored to teach his swimmers about other topics than swimming.  In everything, his sense of humor and care for his charges came through.
According to current Roxbury Racer coach Jen Bauman "Bob Shannon was my coach first, and then my co-worker, when I became his assistant coach when I was 17.  He was the first person who taught me how to be a coach and I am forever grateful to him."