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North Jersey Regional Lake League

Governing Policies

(Organized-April 1970)


  1. Organization of the League
    1. League Name
      1. North Jersey Regional Lake League
    2. Purpose
      1. To organize a league to promote, develop and increase participation in the sport of swimming for both recreational and competitive swimmers.
      2. To promote individual child participation and recognition through swimming.
      3. To promote team competition, team spirit and good sportsmanship.
    3. Alignment

      If ten team league:

      Each team will swim each other once.  Each season, the 5 teams with the largest number of swimmers on their rosters as of the last day to add swimmers (see I.D.3.b. (3)) will comprise the ‘Large’ Division and all other teams will comprise the ‘Small’ Division.  If two teams tied for the 5th largest, then both will be included in the ‘Large” Division.  Once a swimmer is included on a team roster, they may not be removed from the roster.

      If eleven team league:

      Each team will swim each other once and will have a ‘bye’ meet day.  Each season, the 5 teams with the largest number of swimmers on their rosters as of the last day to add swimmers (see I.D.3.b. (3)) will comprise the ‘Large’ Division and all other teams will comprise the ‘Small’ Division.  If two teams tied for the 5th largest, then both will be included in the ‘Large” Division.  Once a swimmer is included on a team roster, they may not be removed from the roster.

      If twelve team league:

      Each team will swim each other once.  Each season, the 6 teams with the largest number of swimmers on their rosters as of the last day to add swimmers (see I.D.3.b. (3)) will comprise the ‘Large’ Division and all other teams will comprise the ‘Small’ Division.  If two teams tied for the 6th largest, then both will be included in the ‘Large” Division.  Once a swimmer is included on a team roster, they may not be removed from the roster.

    4. Team Registration
      1. Team registration fees: $500 due by June 15th with a 30 day grace period ending July 15th.  If payment is not received by July 15th, the team will be prohibited from competing in Trials and Finals.  The team hosting Trials and Finals is required to pay an additional $50 fee.
      2.  All teams are to submit roster containing the following information:
        1. Divided by sex: Male and Female
        2. Divided by age groups: 8/under, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/18
        3. Name of all swimmer in alphabetical order by last name, first name, address, phone number, date of birth and age on May 31st. (See swimmer Participation).
        4. Rosters must be final on the League website (NJRLL.org) not later than 24 hours following completion of the first meet.
      3. The League Release/Registration form must be completed on the NJRLL website (NJRLL.org) All releases are to be entered prior to the first meet of the season.  
        1. Penalty
          1. If at any time, it is determined a swimmer not included on the team roster participated in a meet, such swimmer shall be deemed disqualified from all individual and relay events.   All points earned by such swimmer shall be deducted from the team score, places shall be adjusted and the final score(s) shall be amended.
          2. Team shall forfeit completed meets until rosters are received by League Coordinator.
        2. Additions
          1. Swimmers may be added to the team roster if the League Coordinator is notified (phone or e-mail) by 6pm the night prior to the meet in which the swimmer participates or is notified by mail, postmarked the day prior to the meet in which the swimmer participates.
          2. The League Release form must be completed as noted above prior to participation in the first meet for any swimmer being added to the initial roster.  Failure to comply shall result in the Implementation of Section I.D.3.a. (1).
          3. No new swimmers will be allowed to be registered after 6pm on the day prior to the third (3rd) to last scheduled dual meet.
    5. Officers
      1. Coordinator--$200 annual fee
        The coordinator will be the host of the previous year’s Trials and Finals with an Assistant Coordinator from the current year’s host team
      2. Meet Director--$100 annual fee
      3. Treasurer--$100 annual fee
      4. Advisor -- no annual fee
      5. League Web Manager -- $150 annual fee
    6. Voting
      1. League policy decisions and any changes to the Governing Policies require a vote by the team representatives.
      2. Each team shall have one vote.
      3. Votes are to be cast by the team representative only.  An alternate may vote in the absence of their team representative provided the team representative has notified the league coordinator prior to the meeting.
      4. Coaches can act as advisors to the team representatives and attend all policy meetings.
      5. Simple majority rules.
  2. Swimmer Participation
    1. Age Group Classification
      1. Swimmers age on May 31st of the current year determines their age group for the season.
      2. Swimmers may complete to a maximum of 19 years, provided they are in high school as of June 1st of the current season.
    2. Dual Meet Participation
      1. A swimmer may compete in a maximum of four events, including exhibitions.
      2. All swimmers may swim in or above their age group.
      3. Mixed relays must include at least one swimmer of each sex.
    3. Ribbon Meets
      1. There will be one Ribbon Meet per season.
      2. Participation in Ribbon Meets will be determined as follows:
        1. No points criteria, Coaches discretion to send swimmers.
      3. Ribbon Meets will include only individual events for the following age groups: 6/under, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12.
      4. The finish judge will award the ribbons to each heat winner and ribbons will also be awarded to the overall first, second, and third place finishers in each event.
      5. A swimmer may participate in a maximum of 4 events.
      6. The starter/referee, stroke and turn judges, and finish judges must be 18 years of age or older.  Timers must be 13 years of age or older.
    4. NJRLL Trials and Finals
      1. To be eligible to compete, a swimmer must have competed for his/her team in at least three (3) meets including Dual or Ribbon.
      2. Swimmers are limited to four (4) events.
      3. For purposes of Trials, teams may either:
        1. Teams must submit entries via email in the form of a HyTek Team Manager entry file to the Host Team. Teams may enter up to a maximum of 200 individual entries per team (the equivalent of 4 swimmers per individual event, counting mixed medley relays as individual events). 
        2. Submit a "wish list" of swimmers to be entered if space is available. A maximum of two additional swimmers per event per team.
        3. All individual entries must include swimmer name, team name, event and fastest recorded time by the swimmer in the event.  Teams are required to enter swimmer times that conform to the distance to be swum in Trials (meters or yards). After meet organizers have entered all individuals from all teams, they should determine the total number of swimmers entered in each event.  If any event contains any unfilled heats (i.e., 19 swimmers entered in an event = two full heats plus one heat with 3 swimmers in it), meet organizers shall begin adding swimmers from entries – always filling open lanes with the swimmer who has the fastest time of all entries.  This process shall continue until meet organizers have entered the maximum number of swimmers to fill all heats.
      4. Teams may enter only one (1) relay team per event except the mixed medley/free, which is considered an individual event.
      5. Swimmer must compete in their own age group, with the exception of the step-up relay events (54, 55), where a swimmer may move up.
  3. Meet Organization
    1. Order of Events
      1. Per Attached listing.
      2. Unofficial heats may be run by both home and visiting teams. One additional heat per team will be permitted at night meets and two additional heats per team will be permitted at day meets.  Additional unofficial heats may be run at the conclusion of Event 55 if agreed to by coaches and referee, providing time and facilities permit.
    2. Paper Work
      1. Three copies of the completed meet sheets are to be turned in to the clerk’s table by the coaches of each team prior to the start of the meet.
      2. Any cause for delaying the start of the meet shall be reported by the team representative in writing to the Coordinator within 48 hours of the scheduled meet time.  If it is determined that the delay is not for a reasonable cause, the violating team shall be placed on probation for the remainder of the season and a letter shall be sent from the Coordinator to the Representative of that team.
      3. If a probationed team incurs a second violation while on probation, the Coordinator will call a meeting of team representatives to consider discipline, which could include expulsion or suspension from the league for the remainder of the current season.
      4.  Meet sheets are to be signed by the clerk, each coach and the referee.       The home teams’ original copy, or legible scanned copy, must be received by the Coordinator within 48 hours of the conclusion of the meet. For the last dual meet, all meet sheets must be emailed to the league coordinator that evening, followed up by sending or bringing originals to League Seed Meeting.
    3. Starting Times
      1. Saturday meets  – 9:00am
      2. Weekday meets – 6:00 pm
      3. Ribbon meets    – 6:00 pm
    4. Officials
      1. Referee/Starter – provided by the home team
      2. Finish Judges – one judge from each team will be provided.
        •  The referee/starter shall also record all finishes.
        •  In the event the 2 finish judges do not agree, the referee/starter will cast the deciding vote for the finish.
        •  For 25 meter/yard events, the referee may designate a person of his choosing to call the finish on his behalf if the referee’s presence is precluded at the finish end of the race.
      3. Stroke and Turn Judges – one provided by each team. Disqualifications will be determined by judges only and marked with red  pen on time  sheets. No time will be recorded for disqualifications. Judges will be the ones to inform swimmers of disqualification.
      4. Timers – 3 per team at 6 lane facilities, 4 per team at 8 lane facilities.
      5. Announcer – provided by the home team.
      6. Clerks – one from each team – home clerk shall act as head clerk of the meet.  It is recommended that the head clerk have experience in the position.
      7. Runner – provided by the home team.
      8. The starter/referee, stroke & turn judges, and finish judges must be 18 years or older. Timers must be 16 years of age or older.  It is recommended that officials #1, 2, and 3 above not be changed during the course of the meet.  Further, it is recommended that these officials be certified by the YMCA or USS swimming organizations.
    5. Swimming Rules
      1. Current NFHS (National Federation for State High School Associations) swimming rules govern all swimming events with the following exceptions.
        1. One false start will be allowed
        2. Finishes are determined by the finish judges only in dual meets and their call is final. (See Section III D 2 above).
        3. Lane Assignments and scoring as below.
        4. Dual confirmation is required on relay takeoffs at both ends of the race.
        5. NCAA water and air temperature rules shall not apply.
      2. It is the duty of the referee to check lane assignments or assign an official, marshal, or finish judges to check lane assignments.
      3. No swimmer shall be penalized for an inadvertent adult action or inaction.
      4. Once an event has been called, no change in swimmers is allowed.  If a swimmer does not swim in an event for which he/she has been entered, the event is still counted as one of the four events a swimmer may swim.   The swimmer will have a declared false start for the missed race.
      5. All swim team members, coaches and parents are to be treated with respect and consideration. No team personnel, coaches, or spectators shall act in an unsportsmanlike manner.
      6. During the course of the meet, any person participating in the meet shall be prohibited from the use of tobacco or alcohol products. 
      7. Lane Assignments:

          6 lanes – Home team lanes are 1, 3, 5 official
                          Visiting team lanes are 2, 4, 6 official

          8 lanes – Home team lanes are 1,3,5,7 official
                         Visiting team lanes are 2,4,6,8 official

    6. Scoring
      1. Dual Meets

        Individual events

        First Place=5 points, Second place = 3 points, Third Place =1 point.  In individual events, a team may not score 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place points in the same event. If swimmers from the same team finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, this team will be award only 1st and 2nd points. The first swimmer from the opposing team to complete the event, without disqualification, shall be awarded the 3rd place point.  If the opposing team has no swimmers entered in the event, or no swimmer finishes legally, only 1st and 2nd place points shall be awarded. 

        Mixed Relays- first place only = 1 point.

        All other relays – first place only = 7 points

      2. Winning score: once a team has reached 233 points, it cannot lose and the clerks are to stop scoring the meet, but continue to accurately record all swimmer’s times, places and disqualifications. Upon completion of the meet, only announce the winner.
      3. Ribbon Meets – not scored
    7. NJRLL Trials and Finals
      1. Hosted annually the first or second full weekend in August, as voted by the League prior to the start of the season.
      2. Host team based on the following rotation schedule:   2023 Mt. Olive, 2024 Lake Shawnee, 2025 Saffin Pond, 2026 Cranberry Lake, 2027 Lake Forest, 2028 Shongum Lake, 2029 Roxbury, 2030 Randolph Park, 2031 Shore Hills, 2032 Park Lake. If a team drops from the league the rotations moves up and if any new team is added to the league, they are added to the end of the list.
      3. Host team rotation is constant.  Skipping a turn is not allowed.  The scheduled host team may find a substitute host but this shall not change the rotation.
      4. Trials (preliminaries) will be seeded as per NCAA rules.
        1. Top six (6) swimmers, as determined by time, will qualify for the finals when held at a six-lane facility.  Top eight (8) swimmers, as determined by time, will qualify for the finals when held at an eight-lane facility.
        2. The head clerk, using alphabetical placement will break ties for places one to five.
        3. Ties for sixth place (or eighth place) will be broken by a swim-off and will be a ‘judged’ finish.
        4. In the event of Trials not being completed on a set date, no additions or substitutions may be made to the heat sheet on the make-up date: scratches will be allowed.             
      5. Finals. Finishes are determined by time. Finish judges will determine placement in the finals in the event of discrepancy.  Ties will be awarded if necessary.
      6. The advisor will provide four officials, of which two will also be Finish Judges.
      7. Each team shall provide 3 timers for trials per session and 3 timers for finals.  All timers must be at least 16 years of age.  The chief time is to be designated by the host team.
      8. Each team will provide one marshal for trials and finals, per session.
      9. All other personnel are to be provided by the host team.
    8. Cancellations
      1. Inclement weather calls and arrangements shall be made by 4PM for weekday meets and by 7AM for Saturday meets.  The home team coach shall initiate calls.  SAFETY IS FIRST!
      2. Meets are to reschedule as follows”
        1. Weekday meets to the next day.
        2. Saturday meets to Monday
        3. Monday Ribbon meets to Tuesday.
      3. Other
        Meets must be held on the properly scheduled day and at the scheduled site, or at the visiting team’s facility, or at a neutral site, unless the coaches have reached prior agreement and the Coordinator has been properly notified.
      4. If a meet is suspended, it will continue on the next agreed on date unless otherwise determined by mutual consent of the coaches.
  4. Awards
    1. Dual Meet Season
      1. First place trophies for each division will be awarded at the end of the regular season to the ‘Large’ division and the ‘Small’ division teams with the best overall win/loss record.  In the event of a tie, multiple awards shall be presented.
    2. NJRLL Trials and Finals
      1. Medals shall be awarded for first through sixth places for individual and relay events when held at a six-lane facility.  Medals shall be awarded for first through eighth places for individual and relay events when held at an eight-lane facility.
      2. Ribbons shall be awarded for seventh through sixteenth places for individual and relay events based on trial time when Trials and Finals are held at a 6 lane facility and ninth through sixteenth places for individual and relay events based on trial time when Trials and Finals are held at an 8 lane facility.
      3. In the event of a tie, duplicate awards will be presented.
    3. Ribbon Meets
      1. Ribbons shall be awarded for first to third places in individual events.
      2. Ribbons shall also be awarded to heat winners.
      3. Ribbons shall also be awarded to all participants.
    4. Sportsmanship Awards
      1. A Sportsmanship Award will be given to the team which best exemplifies the following characteristics:
        1. General team sportsmanship
        2. Sportsmanlike conduct of swimmers, coaches and supporting audience.
      2. Each team shall submit a secret ballot at the seed meeting for first and second place teams.  A first place vote is worth 2 points and a second place vote is worth 1 point.  A team may not vote for itself.  The award will be the Sportsmanship Award plaque.
    5. Other Awards
      1. While the league will not present other awards, team may do so at their own discretion and expense.  The league reserves the right to present special recognition awards.
  5. Procedure
    1. Make every effort to resolve the dispute at the time of incident.
    2. If it cannot be resolved, the following shall apply:
      1. If the dispute is specific to a particular event or events, the time card and finish cards for the event(s) in question shall be set aside.
      2. Neither the referee, coaches or clerk shall sign the meet sheets.
      3. If the Dispute is specific to a particular event or events, attach the time card(s) and finish card(s) to the meet sheet and forward to the Coordinator immediately along with a written explanation (including names of the all parties involved) from each coach.
      4. If the dispute is not related to a specific event or events, each coach shall submit a written explanation of the incident, including names of all parties involved, to the Coordinator along with the meet sheets.
    3. The league coordinator shall call a meeting of the team representatives, league advisors, and coaches involved in the protest as well as any other individual involved.
      1. The league coordinator, league advisor, or any team representative may question the officials or coaches involved for clarification.
      2. Team representatives present will vote.  The decision rendered by the team representatives is final and cannot be reversed.  Coaches may not substitute for team representatives for purposes of this vote.

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May 12, 1982

June 6, 1983

June 16, 1985

June 18, 1986

June 1, 1988

March 6, 1991

April 30, 1991

June 4, 1992

May 15, 1995

August 3, 1995

March 21, 1996

April 9, 1998

June 8, 1999

March 23, 2000

June 15, 2000

March 28, 2001

June 12, 2001

July 29, 2002

June 15, 2004

June 13, 2005

June 14, 2006

August 1, 2007

June 11, 2008

April 22, 2010

May 17, 2012

November 13, 2013

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June 13, 2018

June 11, 2019

June 8, 2023



Event #  Event Name

  1. Girls 15-18 50 Free
  2. Boys 15-18 50 Free
  3. Girls 13-18 200 IM
  4. Boys 13-18 200 IM
  5. Girls 11-12 100 IM
  6. Boys 11-12-100 IM
  7. Girls 10/Under 100 IM
  8. Boys 10/Under 100 IM
  9. Girls Open 200 Medley Relay
  10. Boys Open 200 Medley Relay
  11. Girls 8/under 25 Free
  12. Boys 8/under 25 Free
  13. Girls 10/under 50 Free
  14. Boys 10/under 50 Free
  15. Girls 11/12 50 Free
  16. Boys 11/12 50 Free
  17. Girls 13/14 50 Free
  18. Boys 13/14 50 Free
  19. Girls 15/18 100 Free
  20. Boys 15/18 100 Free
  21. Girls 8/under 25 Breast
  22. Boys 8/under 25 Breast
  23. Girls 9/10 25 Breast
  24. Boys 9/10 25 Breast
  25. Girls 11/12 50 Breast
  26. Boys 11/12 50 Breast
  27. Girls 13/14 50 Breast
  28. Boys 13/14 50 Breast
  29. Girls 15/18 50 Breast
  30. Boys 15/18 50 Breast
  31. Girls 8/under 25 Back
  32. Boys 8/under 25 Back
  33. Girls 9/10 25 Back
  34. Boys 9/10 25 Back
  35. Girls 11/12 50 Back
  36. Boys 11/12 50 Back
  37. Girls 13/14 50 Back
  38. Boys 13/14 50 Back
  39. Girls 15/18 50 Back
  40. Boys 15/18 50 Back
  41. Girls 8/under 25 Fly
  42. Boys 8/under 25 Fly
  43. Girls 9/10 25 Fly
  44. Boys 9/10 25 Fly
  45. Girls 11/12 50 Fly
  46. Boys 11/12 50 Fly
  47. Girls 13/14 50 Fly
  48. Boys 13/14 50 Fly
  49. Girls 15/18 50 Fly
  50. Boys 15/18 50 Fly
  51. 8/under Mixed Free Relay 100
  52. 10/under Mixed Medley 100
  53. 12/under Mixed Medley 100
  54. Girls 9-18 Step-up Relay 200
  55. Boys 9-18 Step-up Relay 200

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